• Online Mediation

Online Mediation: The Future of Dispute Resolution

Introduction to Online Mediation In online mediation, the process of dispute resolutions is held over an online mediation platform. It means there is no need to make physical appearances for meetings, document submission, or negotiating terms. The mediator resolves disputes or conflicts concerning the parties online. In the pandemic, online mediation is gaining much popularity […]
  • Startup and Taxes

A Guide to Startups and Small Business Taxes

When you run a business, you have to deal with various activities and business matters. One of the most crucial matters is business taxes. Filing for business taxes is important, and it can also be beneficial for your small business or startup. But taxes are a complex part for small businesses or startups to handle, […]
  • Immigration in U.S.

A Guide to Immigration in the U.S.

Introduction The U.S. has been open for immigration for a long time. Immigration has expanded the economic opportunities, enriched the culture, and enhanced the influence of the U.S. in the world. Immigrants from different countries integrate into American society and become a part of their culture. Moreover, the immigrants with their skills in different fields […]
  • Immigration

Surge in Divorce Cases During Pandemic

Covid-19 has impacted the world in many ways. It shattered businesses, people lost their jobs, many lost their loved ones, and some went into a state of depression due to Covid-19. Covid-19 spared nothing, even the personal lives of people. One such impact of the pandemic was on the rate of divorce. Most of the […]


1. Sale Deed/Title deed /Mother deed/Conveyance Deed 2. RTC Extracts 3. Katha Certificate and Extracts 4. Mutation Register Extracts 5. Joint Development Agreement 6. General Power of Attorney 7. Building plan sanctioned by statutory authority 8. NOC from Electricity Dept/Pollution Control Board/Water Works/ Air Port Authority 9. Supplementary agreement / Ratification Deed (if any) 10. […]